Why become a member?

Currently anyone can identify themselves as a Pilates Teacher and may or may not hold appropriate qualifications. They may or may not teach “Pilates”.

The occupation “Pilates Teacher” has been actively worked since the 1920s when Joseph Pilates set up his studio in New York teaching his method “Contrology”.  The title “Comprehensive Pilates Teacher” however is only now becoming an emerging worldwide occupation.

Over the coming years Pilates Professionals will work together with Government sponsored bodies and other self-regulatory bodies to propose a pathway of education to become a Comprehensive Pilates teacher. Standards of education should be internationally recognised, and discussions will be based on the excellent qualifications currently found in many schools, best practice in assessment and looking to the future of the occupation, what generic (non-Pilates) knowledge is required. Being a member of Pilates Teacher Association confirms that you hold appropriate qualifications prior to any changes being recommended by independent bodies.   The Pilates Teacher Association lists and welcomes Comprehensive Pilates Teachers and those on the pathway to becoming a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher.

The Pilates Teacher Association checks the details of each applicant’s training, certification, insurance and experience and confirms whether they are eligible for membership of Pilates Teacher Association membership. Associate membership may be offered in absence of certification of competency. 

Applying for and becoming a Member of PTA brings a range of benefits. It shows that you:

  • uphold high standards of practice in your work
  • are committed to the long-term development of Pilates Teacher as a distinct profession
  • support high standards for the education and training of a Pilates teacher
  • can collaborate with colleagues from a variety of lineage led specialist Pilates schools
  • supportive and open to growing the skills of fitness industry professionals
  • reassures the public that you are appropriately trained and qualified

Being a worldwide member of Pilates Teacher Association brings the community of Comprehensive Pilates teachers together, builds trust with participants and develops inter-professional relationships by supporting the method, sound ethics and high standards of practice.

Membership Fees:

Teachers from schools which meets the PTA school Quality and Verification criteria may apply. If the school does not meet criteria a non- refundable application fee of £45 is required with the application and if accepted the balance of fees is payable.

Initial Joining Fee:   £75 Full Members    £60 Associate and Mat Members  £20 for students

Fees for annual renewal: £30 for Full members £20 for Associate and Mat, £10.00 for students

Join the Pilates Teacher Association


Full Members
To join this category, you must have completed a minimum of 450 hours comprehensive education and been assessed in a specialised Pilates school which meets PTA criteria. It is not compulsory for a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher with Pilates Teacher Association to hold any additional generic fitness industry certification.

There are current UK and European guidelines for Pilates mat and you should consider completing a course of study which covers the generic information or provide evidence of prior learning (APL).  In France and Australia there are specific standards to be achieved and we also recommended exploring these standards.  Guidance can be given on appropriate schools which provide the training required and how to obtain a formal award if desired.

Associate Members and Mat Members
If you currently hold a certificate in mat or are part way through a modular training programme, from a first generation influenced School or contemporary school, you can apply to be a Mat member or an Associate. Mat/Associate Members will be encouraged to develop a full qualification in a timescale suitable for their physical, mental and financial position. Support for associate and mat members should be available from any full member and studio.  Because of the current UK and European guidelines for mat-based Pilates, you should hold a UK level 3/4 award, EU Level 4 or Australian diploma in addition to your teaching award. Consideration will also be given to application for accreditation of prior learning (APL). Guidance can be given on appropriate schools to provide the required training and assessment where appropriate.

Student Member
This category is open to anyone who is interested in the Pilates method.  It is by being a student of the method that you develop into a teacher just as the first- generation teachers did with Joseph and Clara Pilates. Student members may also be a member of the public who practices at home and wants to keep up to date with Pilates Teaching methods and practice. You do not have access to full member parts of the site but will receive a discount on any conferences or workshops. If you are considering becoming a Pilates Teacher in the future you can start a diary and log the classes, you take before you apply for a teacher training programme.


We recognise that not everyone who is currently in practice as a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher has had a formal certificate to teach which meets our criteria.  When this situation arises, a Director will contact the applicant to discuss their qualifications and discuss skills and qualifications before recommending an appropriate membership category.  The information is then placed before the board at a quarterly meeting.  If the applicant is unhappy with the decision an appeal can be directed to the board. A fee is payable for this process.


Please complete the

and email to memberspilatesta@gmail.com along with scanned copies of certificates including first aid. You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of the application by email.  Alternatively, you may post your application to:

Pilates Teacher Association
9 Church Street
KA10 6AU

On receipt of your application and acceptance, we will invoice you for your fee.

If you have any questions about joining the Pilates Teacher Association please contact us