Contrology Trademark

The word Contrology is synonymous with Pilates and any attempt to own the word could result in many individuals and businesses being sued for use of the word. The PTA remains uncompromising in our vision to protect the method and protect the public but any attempt to monopolise the use of the word Contrology is not the answer. Despite objections the word Contrology has been registered as a trademark in Europe. Please enter the word Contrology when following this link.

In the USA Balanced Body inc have successfully registered the word and a logo but conditions of the trademark clearly state that they are not attempting to gain sole use of the word.

We have members from students just starting their careers to teachers with over 30 years of experience.

Individuals (over 3000 participants) on our Facebook Forum (link to FB PTA enquires and questions) freely respond to surveys and questions and speak about matters related to the Pilates Profession. They have been instrumental in developing the Code of Practice by which all members and anyone working with members should follow.  In addition, the forums have shown just how committed individual teachers are to the Pilates method which is performed on apparatus and mats specifically designed by Joseph Pilates.

In the past five years the members, board and staff have:

  • Developed a code of conduct and ethical practice
  • Published an article in the journal of Europactive
  • Presented to CIMSPA, REPS and Skills Active on the history of the Pilates Method and the education required to become a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher
  • Raised awareness of the Comprehensive Pilates Method with ukactive and EuropeActive
  • Carried out a risk assessment of the industry and identified areas of concern in current self- regulation.
  • Followed the guidelines of Professional Standards Authority to establish a professional association
  • Assisted NHS Choices in the UK in the re-write of their Public information on Pilates
  • Negotiated an affinity Insurance scheme with Balens for members in various locations worldwide
  • Completed a lineage led conference on the Isle of Man in July 2016
  • Completed two worldwide surveys on the Pilates industry and teaching methods
  • Established relationships with like-minded associations worldwide e.g. and
  • Written an academic paper on teaching in The Pilates method and submitted for Peer review
  • Completed a task analysis and created an occupational map for a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher
  • Provided guidance to the public and other professionals who enquire about finding a Pilates teacher and entering the industry


Joseph Pilates died without ever having trademarked his name or his method.  In the 1950’s there was a formal collaboration between Pilates, Leading Medical Professionals and Public Health Professionals to set up “The American Foundation for exercise” which would have established teaching academies to expand the method to the exacting standards od Joseph Pilates. The papers were only signed in 1966 and Joseph died the following year.   

That industry self-regulation (ISR) can play in addressing consumer problems. It assesses the conditions and situations where there are likely to be benefits, and the steps that need to be taken to help ensure that such initiatives succeed.

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